Penny Board

How It Works

The Reward board is based upon a Juice of Luck & First In First Out Logic


Entry Level

Sign-In* in one of the available 6 Seats. Once all spots are full you have a chance of WINNING the Reward Board Prize with the LUCKY Seat and skip next steps! If unlucky, you move to the Queue.


The Queue

Each Reward Board has a Unique Queue Line order based on First in First Out for Sign-Ups that did not got a LUCKY Seat. While in queue you can try to get another LUCKY Seat*.


We award the winner

When a LUCKY Seat doesn't happen, the Queue moves One Position for all its Sign-Ups.
After reaching Position 1 you will be upcoming WINNER for Reward Board and get the Prize.

*You are NOT allowed to buy more SEATS when you already have ONE Seat in the Entry Level OR if you are in the Last FOUR positions of Reward Board.

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Entry Level - Purchase a seat for


Upcoming Users


final stage

Reward Board

Reward Board: The start for financial independence is here!

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