What is

Reward Board?

Can make you earn up to 4 times more from a sign in value!

Reward Board merges the concepts of gambling and possibility for long term returns. It will support most of the major digital coins and will start with the most well known, Bitcoin.

We want to earn users trust with a reliable, transparent, and secure system.

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  • Up to 5% for an instant PRIZE!
  • Exclusive for Entry Level users
  • Fair chance for Winning!
  • First IN First Out Logic
  • Earn up to x4
  • Transparent platform
Referral Program
  • Earn 10% anytime Referrer Sign In
  • Program last Forever
  • Sustainable system
  • Team Up to make strategies
  • Friendly members
  • Dedicated support

How It Works

The Reward board is based upon a Juice of Luck & First In First Out Logic


Entry Level

Sign-In* in one of the available 6 Seats. Once all spots are full you have a chance of WINNING the Reward Board Prize with the LUCKY Seat and skip next steps! If unlucky, you move to the Queue.


The Queue

Each Reward Board has a Unique Queue Line order based on First in First Out for Sign-Ups that did not got a LUCKY Seat. While in queue you can try to get another LUCKY Seat*.


We award the winner

When a LUCKY Seat doesn't happen, the Queue moves One Position for all its Sign-Ups.
After reaching Position 1 you will be upcoming WINNER for Reward Board and get the Prize.

*You are NOT allowed to buy more SEATS when you already have ONE Seat in the Entry Level OR if you are in the Last FOUR positions of Reward Board.

Choose your

Reward Board

BITCOIN Bitcoin Seat Fee / Reward
0.0002 / 0.0008
BITCOINCASH Bitcoin Cash Seat Fee / Reward
0.002 / 0.008
Guaranteed Reward
We're Good At

Making our Users Happy!

We always strive to assure all our users that RewardBoard is here to stay for the long term. Numbers do not lie!

A better understanding

What you need to know

01. MLM
  • Rewardboard is based on MLM principles
  • A brand new virtual MLM for the 21st century
  • One Product, A spot to get on the board
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions
  • No need to keep inventory
  • Everybody benefits
02. LUCKY Seats
  • Can happen to one user at Entry Level!
  • 2% ODD for Winning!
03. Happy Hours
  • Randomly happens any time - You get Notified!
  • Lucky Seat increases to 5%!
04. The Board
  • Only one active Board per coin tier
  • Each board has a unique Queue
  • Faster and fair for ALL users
05. The Queue
  • First In First Out Logic
  • While in the queue you can sign-up for another spot to get on the board
  • When LUCKY Seat do not occur all members move 1 position in the queue
06. Rewards
  • Guaranteed Return of x 4 when a Board closes
07. Community
  • Live chat with friends
  • Stay connected to your team
  • Build a worldwide community
08. Security Features
  • All funds are stored in cold wallets
  • HTTPS 256 SSL encryption
  • DDoS Protection
  • Dedicated Servers and Team
  • Two factor Authenticator WIP

How Referral System Works

  • Each board has its own referral system.
  • To activate a referral program the user needs to have bought 10x seats in the board
  • 10x Sign Ins from any referee rewards you a 1 Free Seat in coins added to your wallet
  • For every 4x Free seats user needs to buy 2x Seats to keep program active
01. Is this an HYIP?
No, it is not. You are buying a virtual spot to get on the Reward Board.
02. Can I get a refund?
All sales are final.
03. Is this like gambling, can I lose my coins?
There are odds to get instant rewarded with a LUCKY Seat, and has long Reward Board has users the queues keeping moving and your coins aren't lost.
04. Is this an investment?
It is not an investment in the traditional way. You obtain a spot position to get on the Reward board and that gives you the opportunity to get a LUCKY Seat in entry level and if not win it is guaranteed when you reach the position 1 to WIN your PRIZE!
05. Is this a game?
It is a game but not an ordinary game because in this game you always have a chance of winning.
06. Sounds too good to be true, is this a Scam?
Reward board takes a percentage from each board that closes to keep operations moving. The remaining is rewarded to the person at the top level and the referral program. It’s very similar to reward programs currently offered by major retailers, airlines and other big companies. Here you are rewarded for purchasing a spot at our Reward board when you get a LUCKY Seat or you reach the Position 1.
07. How can this be legit it’s a pyramid?
This is MLM and we sell only one product, a spot at our reward board. Each Member is rewarded when a reward board closes. But unlike other MLMs, you don’t have to subscribe or have to pay anymore fees.
08. I’m still not convinced. What else can you tell me?
We don’t sell investments. We sell you a place on the board.

Picture yourself at a buffet. Today’s special is the Apple Pie. When you arrive to the Buffet you can have right way a FRESH slice of that pie getting out of the oven or you just have to wait patiently until the chef brings out another delicious looking pie. Everyone wants a slice. Everyone gets in a “queue” to wait for a slice of pie. The restaurant relies on its paying patrons to keep the restaurant in business and make sure everyone gets a slice of pie during the day.

Rewardboard is the same. You purchase a spot to get into the queue. You can be instantly rewarded with e LUCKY Seat or you must wait in a Queue line until it’s your turn to get the PRIZE. In order for us to make sure everyone gets a reward we rely on our paying patrons to help us keep the site up and running.

At Reward Board everyone keep getting slices of pie everyday day.

Road Map

Build with trust

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Transparent plan
  • Precisely developed
  • Long term partnerships


In RewardBoard there are key values that our users can rely. It was the intention from beginning by the founders to aim the project what others platforms couldn't, sustainability.


The RewardBoard Road Map is actually a very detailed plan with the goals to achieve for this year. From the start of development, it was intended to give support for different Blockchains technologies based on different characteristics.




Bitcoin Cash


Each coin will have its own independent system for Wallet, Boards, Referral Programs, Queues and according Sign Up/Prize values!

Please Note Road Map is indicative only – RewardBoard plans to be flexible and meet the demand of the market for coins, realistically a long-term development plan will never be set in stone. Our goal is to get valuable coin boards available as fast as possible.

The Coins choose are always based on Market Cap and Trade Volume for each month.

Blockchains are brand New Worlds full of opportunities for you to shape a new Econology. - César Founder & Developer - RewardBoard
Co-Founder & Lead Community

Reward Board: The start for financial independence is here!

Created and developed by the most experienced and pionners in the crypto currency world.

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